Princesses of Fate Picture

Sailor Pluto's three daughters in princess attire.
Sailor Clotho: The Senshi of the Past. She can see any moment in time prior to the present using her threads.
Sailor Lachesis: The Senshi of the Present. She can find any person at their present location. She also carries the key to the door to time and is her mother's replacement.
Sailor Atropos: The strongest of the three. She has powers that allow her to sever the life of any living thing and she can also see the future.
These three are hardly ever seen working separately due to their checks and balances system regarding their powers. i.e. their mythological counterparts.
The fate's 'eye' that is shared between them is the red eye color (that they get from their mother) and is the eye that allows them to see into their respective time spectrum. This is why Lachesis' eyes are both red: she can see everything that is currently going on.
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