3 Fates by Atlantis Forester Picture

By Atlantis Forester ([link])

From Chapter 41: Star-Crossed

Taking a deep breath, Sakura stepped in. Inside, there were three women, one holding a spindle in her hand, one holding a rod, and one holding a scissor. The third woman held the golden scissor to the thread, ready to cut it. Just like her dream. At first, they looked magnificent and regally beautiful. The next moment, they looked like wrinkled, bent hags. She couldn’t determine their real form. Suddenly, she remembered Takashi’s story. ‘The thread represents the thread of life. In olden Greek and Roman mythology, the Fates were three goddesses who were supposed to determine human life, and cutting the thread symbolizes the ending of one’s life. One was the spinner of the thread, and carried a spindle of thread, one decided how long it was to be by shaking a rod and divining the person’s fate, and one wrote down the decision on a tablet and cut the thread to end the person’s life.

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