Medusa: Love is Blind Picture

So after working on some of my Kendra of the North stuff it got me looking at some of my old art and I found some sketches for a short that I never ended up doing. The sketches however made me wanna take another crack at drawing some characters from it. The short was called "Love is Blind" and was an origin story of Medusa. At a young age she fell in love with a blind boy from a nearby village who lost his way. However, when the townspeople found out that the boy had been spending time with the monster, let alone in love with the creature, the villagers took up arms and stormed Medusa's cave. The boy died trying to protect her and it turned Medusa into a vengeful soul. She turned all the villagers into stone for taking away the one thing in the world that she cared for. Afterwards, she took the body of her fallen love deep into the cave where she vowed to watch over him for the rest of her life. She left the stone corpses decorating her cave as a symbol of the fate of any and all who try to separate her from her love. Maybe one day I'll follow through with the short but until then I'll always have this picture. I hope you guys like it.
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