Sol Picture

Sol was, in Norse mythology, the goddess of the sun, a daughter of Mundilfari and Glaur and the wife of Glen. The corresponding Old English name is Sigel.

Every day, Sol rode through the sky on her chariot, pulled by two horses named Arvak and Alsvid. She was chased during the day by Skoll, a wolf that wanted to devour her. Solar eclipses signified that Skoll had almost caught up to her. It is fated that Skoll will eventually catch Sol and eat her, though she would then be replaced by her daughter. The earth was protected from the full heat of the sun by Svalin, who stood between the earth and Sol. In Norse belief, the sun did not give light; this was caused by the manes of Alsvid and Arvak.

Sol was also called Sunna and Sunne, and also Frau Sunne, which is a derivation of the words sun and Sunday. The sun itself was called Alfrodull, meaning "glory of elves".

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