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Edit: WOW so I totally realized I switch her forearm markings on her top one and bottom one... Like.. her forearms are marked differently.. -.- Just.. go with the bottom one. xD

Hereeee... is a crappily/lazily done reference for a new character of mine. xD; Who has quite an interesting back story that I rather like and might do something with in the future. Right now, I'm just using her story for role playing purposes (if you're not a close friend of mine, don't ask to rp.. please. x.x )
Anyway... Adrienne is a pretty conflicting character. If you were to meet her now, she's very, very polite, sweet, kind, bitingly sarcastic and humorous but there's an air of seriousness about her that demands respect. In human years she'd be around 24.
She has a complicated past. She was a highly trained assassin, one of the highest ranking of the pack, and growing up around violence has take its toll on Adrienne, as nice as she is, now. She doesn't have a fiery temper but sometimes she doesn't notice when she's.. being frightening. o_o And.. her temper IS very hard to be broken... but... if it is... god help you. xD The tear in her ear was from ripping out a tracking tag humans put on her, and the numbers on her left arm were branded by humans to identify her, and the letter/number was where she was kept. (She was the most dangerous animal they've kept so they had her in the highest security... A level is the most closely guarded floor)

Here's a taste of the story (copied and pasted from an rp between ~trinacobrajet and I c: ) inspired by the movie "Wanted" SO GOOD OMG:

"I come from the farthest northern forests of this precinct. I was born into a pack there, called the Parcae. The Fates. We're fans of Roman mythology, you see." She smiles a little, nostalgic. "And, I'm sorry - I lied earlier. My name is Adrienne Calypso Morta. I was afraid that.. if you recognized the name, you'd flee. Without at least trusting me a little.. first. Because I'm not going to hurt you. You don't understand how long it's been since I've had a civilized conversation like this without the latter trying to run or.. trying to kill me. I miss it." She laughs her brittle laugh, crossing her paws and looking down at the ground.
"Others also know us as Hell's Angels, or Heaven's Devils. Depends on whether or not you're an optimist." She twitches her ear, swaying her tail over her back, the odd bent in it so out of place to the rest of her elegant, although very formidable, stature. "We consist of a pack of many different species of animal - from birds, to amphibians, to insects, to bears. We are all tied together with one common goal: maintaining order, stability. We are police, if you will. With humans eating away at our existence, it is imperative that we all band together peacefully, don't get in their way, and most important of all, do not let them take over what is rightfully ours. Do not expose are secrets. These forests, our food sources, our children, our fathers and mothers, our friends. Our ecological balance.
We are assassins, but we are not commissioned for targets. We make sure those who seek trouble are punished, those who bring trouble, killed."
She smiles, and it's a small thing, a barely-there lift of the lips, but it's grateful, and it's sweet. "I was of the first generation to be born into the fraternity," she says, and her voice sobers, quiets. "My father is one of the top guns of the syndicate, if you will. A fourth-in-command. We don't have one leader. We usually have up to five or six, who come together for decisions. My father had tried to kill me."
The last sentence was said rather expressionlessly, almost robotically, and her eyes betrayed not a single emotion within those deep depths of amber, caramel. "Carmen Lorelai Nona was my surrogate mother. She brought me back from where my father had left me to starve, and my father was outraged to see my return. But he could not kill me. According to Carmen, he said he saw something in my eyes that promised him a reassuring future. An anger that burned like fire, and he had said, looking into my eyes, he saw a reflection of his own. He decided I would be worth the while. They kept my parenthood a secret, for I was conceived before his membership to the solidarity. He had fallen in love with a husky named Jessica, and, well. That was shameful, to him." She chuckles bitterly. "I was known as The Mutt for a few years."
Adrienne lifts her small paw, licks it, and draws it over her ear. "The Parcae is divided into three ranks - the Nona, Decima, and Morta. In the legends, there were three sisters who made up the Fates. Nona spun the thread of life from her distaff onto her spindle. Decima measured the length of the thread with her rod. And Morta," her tail twitches, "is the cutter of the thread. Members are chosen either through their heritage or capabilities. The Nona are like the undercover spies - sometimes they aren't undercover, it's up to them. They're the eyes. And if anything seems wrong or suspicious, they report to the Decima. They're like... the bullies, so to speak. They give the warnings, they hurt, they instill fear. But many think of them as angels compared to.. the Morta."
She exhales. "With the Morta, there are no ifs, ands, or buts. We are the killers, trained, honed, bred for this one justification."
She looks a little weary.
"Some of the Morta are found from the science lab not very far from here... which was where I escaped, pretty recently. Those who survive the testings that take place there are given a chance of salvation, life. Many of us watch them, the animals of diverse species taken from all over the world, and if we find them satisfactory, we coax them to break free. We do not help them very much. They need to prove their worthiness for life, and then they get an opportunity to join one of the most powerful forces in these parts of the world. For others... being captured and then breaking free from the human's grasp is a sort of initiation."
"Being in the fraternity fucks with your mind after a while," she says, her eyes dark. She's silent for a moment, considering, and she nods. "Yes. I've escaped. Twice."
The vixen appraises the male, and then she chuckles, and it's a whole different sound - softer, musical, like wind chimes. A genuine laugh. "Yes, I know. I've gotten that quite a few times. A husky and a fox. And a pretty small one, at that." She smiles, a sort of twisted kind of smirk that makes her look almost devious. "Small and compact, swift and to the point. For an assassin, deceiving looks can be an advantage. So that answers your other question: yes, I am a Morta." She stretches for a few seconds, her joints cracking and broken tail arching over her back. "And since I was pretty much born right into the circle, I grew up around seasoned killers. We are very... hardcore, so to speak. The first thing they teach you is a tolerance to pain."
Her eyes seem to glaze over in memory, but there's no pain, no anger. Just blank. Her voice slips into a slight monotone.
"You learn to sharpen everything. Every sense. They callous your heart. They brainwash you. Blind you. You learn to control your heartbeat - raise the amount of beats per second so adrenaline pumps through your veins. Faster stimulus. Swifter reflexes. I rolled in plant dye, I can disappear. I broke my tail so it hangs down - a husky tail hanging all fluffy over your back can give away your position."
The Morta looks down at her paws, contemplative. "But I am no longer a Morta. The pack has been corrupted. A few weeks ago, I caught one of my superiors - Vincent Cerberus Morta - speaking with a human. It was blasphemous, repulsive. He was talking to one of the human 'doctors' who test terrible new drugs, products, on the innocent, and that is one crime that simply cannot be condone. He couldn't have possibly been speaking of anything good."

Uh.. so yes. More to come.. later? xD Wow, this is a freaking long description.

Character/Art © ~FabledFaith
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