The Goddess of Fate Picture

Though I can get this finished with my artist-block still messing up with me, I feel... not really satisfied with this. Oh well.

They are Norn, three Goddess from Norse mythology who controlling human's fate. Lightning as Skuld, The Future; Aqua as Verdandy, The Present; and Fang as Urd, The Past. They are holding a long thread, which is symbolizing human's fate or life. Lightning holds the start, while Aqua controls the ups and downs of the fate, and Fang breaks the thread, where the fate/life ends. They are sitting on the base of Yggdrasil, a tree where Asgard (God's realm), Midgard (human's realm), and Nibelheim (Underworld) are placed, on the side of Urd's well.

I think that's describing (almost) all of the picture's meaning.... (too lazy to explain all
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