De Moirai Picture

De Moirai (English: Moirae or The Fates) Are three personifications of Destiny. They controlled the thread of life of every mortal from birth to death.
From left to right they are:
Clotho: She spun the thread of life and controlled your birthplace.
Lachesis: She measured the thread of life.
Atropos: She cut the thread of life and chose the way a person died.
In the Art Nouveau circle there are represented the stages of life.
In the left upper corner Herakles brings Alkestis back from the dead and in the right upper corner Orpheus wants to save his love Eurydice from the underworld but was forbidden to look at her until they reached the sunlight. He however can't resist to look so therefor loses her again...

This drawing was made for the Manga exhibition held by Celestial Doujinshi Circle at the comic fair in Haarlem (4, 5, and 6th of june)
Amoungst Celestial's circle, other Dutch doujinshi circles will be there too like [link]
More info on the comic fair in Haarlem: [link]

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