Norse Mythology Series - Frigg Picture

Norwegian name: Frigg.

(Also known as Frigga.)

Frigg is the queen of all Aesir, wife of Odin. She is the goddess of marriage, and her primary function is being a wife and mother (a.n: Odin and she function like Ying/Yang rather than the more "physical" relationship e.g Thor and Sif have.)

Personally, I always pictured Frigg as the ultimate godess of Visdom. Eternally young and exceptionally beautiful, yet ancient. Her eyes would reflect the past and future, happenings long ago vanished from the world's memory, and immense sadness.

"...She has the power of prophecy although she does not tell what she knows, and is the only one other than Odin who is permitted to sit on his high seat Hlidskjalf and look out over the universe." - Wikipedia.

Frigg is also the queen of the Valkyries, those who turn into beautiful swans when they leave Valhalla. Thus, I imagined her having snow-white hair which reached just a bit above the ground.
The crystal tears on her cheek are not only decorations, but also a symbol of her grief over Baldr. Although she knew of his fate even before he was born, she still loved him above everyone.


Phew man. ^^ This took some time... I was rather picky about it... but I can't say I'm satisfied now either.... Norse Mythology is a big part of our curriculum this year, and of course, I got hooked. I planned on drawing quite many Norse gods, but by the time I finish a few more I'll be sick of em. XD

So yeah. This is Frigg, my second favourite of all gods and goddesses from the Norse stories.

And by the way... I hope you guys can see it this time. I had some problems with my watchers not being able to see/comment on my new deviations...
Au revoir ~

- Nî~Ya.
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