The Fates Picture

The Fates, from Greek mythology.

One spins the thread of life, another determines how long it will be, and, finally, the last makes the final snip.

They're supposed to be three "old hags", but I decided to make it my own a little. I represented "Past" with a little girl, "Present" with a young woman, and "Future" as an elder.

Took sooo long to finish...! Two days for the lineart (traced with wacom from a pencil sketch), a day tinkering with the background/framework, two days for the hair and skin, then one more for the robes.

I had help from so many people with this... A lot of people don't even know that they helped me - though, the two most obvious people, who I feel I must thank, would be my lil sister Steph (~Ksher) and my boyfriend Nick (*The-Angry-Gnome).

Steph for her useful tips and tricks. Also for teaching me how to draw a wrinkled face! Haha!

Nick for his hands. Yeah, his actual hands. They were the references I used for Past's hand, Present's hands, and Future's left hand holding her scissors (the right hand, however, is mine).

Please full view to see the details!
Yeah, I know it's a bit big... But it looks like crap if you don't full-view.

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