The Fates - Clotho Picture

First of the Fates.
This is a revisiting of the original Greek Myth.
Originally the fates were old ladies, mine will be hot chicks, because I like chicks more than old ladies.
And they were said to have one single eye that they used in turns. OK, that freaked me TOTALLY, and I ignored such a distasteful detail.
So my Fates are sexier chicks and have the correct number of eyes.
Also, they are a bit more fantasy. I think the greek myth would have been so fantasy if only they had an airbrush to depict the mythological figures.
Did you know that the Fates were more powerful than the gods themselves?

Well, this is Clotho, who gives birth to men's destiny.

Technical crap: acrylics on A3 paper, airbrushed and stuff.
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