Norse Mythology Picture

A line-up of Norse gods, godesses, giants, etc. These were made for trading cards for which I was told to make the Norse characters different from traditional conception. So I thought, what better than to make the big, burly, fear-envoking Norse dudes (yes, I said dudes) cute and effeminate ^_~ Maybe a bit too feminine, I mean, yes, I know the guys have curves like women and Thor looks like a ballerina (but it's cute, right??)

. . .

Anyway ^^, we have here:

Frigg (Odin's wife)

Odin (King of the Norse gods)

Baldur (Odin and Frigg's son)

Thor (Odin's child through and affair with the giantess Jord-depending on the mythology that you read)

Frey (god known for beauty and praised as a fertility god, Freya's twin brother)

Freya (goddess known for beauty, also praised as fertility goddess, twin sister to Frey)

Heimdall (god that guards the Rainbow Bridge and carries a horn that he will sound to annouce the oncoming of Ragnarok)

Valkyrie (a female warrior that escorts those slain in battle to either Valhalla or Freya's palace)

Loki (a trouble-making giant -not god- which some people are lead to believe. He does, however, spend most of his time with the gods in Asgard)

The Norns-Skuld, Verdandi, Urd (Three women, supposedly giants, that control the string of fate. In some myths, each are attributed to future (Skuld), present (Verdandi), and past (Urd))

*note-there is no scale in this line-up, in case you were wondering about the size difference of some of them ;-p

Line art - Copic Pens
Color - Photoshop CS2
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