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Lately, the peeps in my RP group have been discussing fairies (as in the real McCoy, not those doe-eyed blonde Disney pixies) and it got me thinking about my own Fae character from the Thaumaverse. So here she is!
(I know one of you was already aware of the existence of a character of mine named Ennis, and, well, here she is. You can probably tell what that "other thing" I mentioned was, yes?)

In this world, I play around quite a bit with mythology surrounding the Fair Folk. I would like to put my own spin on it, and I hope to do so without just completely bastardizing it like Twilight did to vampire mythology. In any case, the Fair Folk of the Thaumaverse are among the few beings aside from gods and spirits that can control magical energy (or thauma) in its rawest form, that being the energy of nature itself. This does create a dichotomy among the Fae, for which I use the terms Seelie and Unseelie. The Seelie hold sway over life, the Unseelie over death. There is no good or evil to this; Fae on either side of the dichotomy are ancient, powerful, and incredibly dangerous.

I'm still playing around with Ennis's Fae qualities, but I'll go into what I have so far. As you can probably tell, she is Unseelie. I wasn't just being lazy with her coloring; the Fae in this world often stick to specific color schemes. Unseelie folk often stick to black, gray, white, and red, classic colors of death. All Fae have insectoid wings, but as I mentioned in Rodney Cheshire's description, they also all have some sort of totem animal that they emulate or resemble in multiple ways. For Ennis, it's an owl, specifically of the barn or sooty variety. She has talons for hands and feet, keen hearing, and dark eyes that don't move in their sockets, and beneath that messy hair she has a pronounced widow's peak that gives her a heart-shaped face. (Her wings, on the other hand, are based off of flies.) She's also sort of based off of a red-cap; her hood is red from periodically being soaked in the blood of the recently-dead. If she doesn't keep it that way, she sickens and dies. In terms of magic, she is a necromancer. She can manipulate the dead, either to raise them as mindless shambling husks if she needs backup, or to call their souls back to their bodies temporarily if she needs information from them. She can also see and communicate with earthbound ghosts.

Though Ennis is a full-blooded sprite from the Fae-dominated isle of Ivernis, she has citizenship in the nation of Calder and lives among humans. This was difficult for her at first, mainly because of her need for fresh blood, but she found a way around this that also allowed her to put her unique skills to use. Murder is unfortunately a common occurrence in Calder, especially in the shadier parts of its capital city, and more murder cases turn up than the constabulary can definitively solve. Ennis aids them by consulting the dead for further clues - not as much of a gamebreaker as you might think, as the dead are often vague and unclear when they are recently brought back. However, her services are still valuable, and in return she has dead bodies full of blood in which to dye her hood. If there's ever a dry spell of murders, she can always run down to the local morgue.

Basically she's this world's Sherlock Holmes. I mean come on guys, it's a 19th-century-era fantasy world. I wasn't going to pass up the chance. And before you ask, yes, she does have a Watson. I'll introduce him later.

In terms of personality, Ennis is fun because she is 1) not human, and 2) therefore not bound by human sensibilities. Her view of death and killing is a casual one that might seem callous to others, but it is part of everyday existence for her. Death is her life, so to speak. She is sharply intelligent, observant, and perceptive, and rarely misses anything. It is dangerously easy to offend her, and like any proper Fae she can be horribly vindictive when the situation calls for it. After 80 years living in the midst of it, she knows human society inside and out. She is still detached, however, because despite knowing human laws and morality on a conceptual level, she has trouble truly understanding it.

Edit: I kind of want to make her femurs shorter and the fibula/tibia longer, make it more birdlike.
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