Ankt Redo Picture

Maybe its the lack of sleep for stressing about college and friends, maybe its the Zeus car commercial that keeps getting played on Tv, maybe it could be the fact my glasses are broken and keep slipping off my face causing me to go blind(horrible vision), or it may even be the fact I can't stop picturing Anubis and Thanatos singing Single Ladies O-e
Buttttttttttttt I got the urge to redraw Ankt, so that's what I did ^^ Didn't want to color it because I have yet to master the mystery that is my scanner.... So I just cleaned it up in paint and posted it on here.
Ignore the funky anatomy and eyes, I mainly just drew it for the outfit and so on.... I do know though her color scheme is red and gold.... And that's about it... Also her hair's a tad bit longer then original...
Copy and Paste info from the last picture! Yay!
Ankt is a Egyptian goddess of war.
Not much is said about this lower goddess, other then the fact that she is the goddess of war. Always carrying a weapon of some sort, she is always wearing armor of some sort and mainly lives off the land. She is the right hand person for the major Egyptian god of war Maahes.
Shes rather quiet and calm, and she just has as warped of a family history as the greek gods.
Now if you excuse me I'm going to go pass out from lack of sleep =_= Night Night!
Credit Time!
Ankt created by moi.
But she belongs in Egyptian mythology...
She was created for Gallows Humor, which was created by
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