Sailor Bahdba Picture

Credit goes to terranada.

© Terranada Kikidcha

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Like I said on the comments, you're welcome to use my work as long as you send me the link to your finished works and credit me whenever you use them (wether on DA or otherwise).

The fifth of my variations of terranada's Mage Series. This is Badhba the Necromancer, but transformed into a Grim Reaper-like figure. As usual, I retained as much of the original style of the drawing while adding my own touches. To that end, I changed her staff and scepter (seen in the original), into a scythe and sword. Given that terranada's Badhba character represented death (in a way), I wanted to extend that role into the aspects and duties of two of the most feared deities of death in Greek mythology: Thanatos and Nemesis. Nemesis was the goddess of divine retribution, or simply put, revenge killings. Anyone who had committed a heinous crime against the Olympian gods would be summarily killed by Nemesis herself. As for Thanatos, he was the true embodiment of Death. He would come for those who had died and take them to Hades, the realm of the Underworld.

To that end, the deities I named previously are represented in my artwork as embodiments of weapons: a scythe and sword. Both were originally her staff and scepter with which she could summon forth the dead (in terranada's original drawing), but I changed them into feared weapons. The scythe will collect the soul of whomever must die and store it the red crystal situated just below (this is my own variation of her powers, by the way). The scepter in her left hand was transformed into a serrated blade, which I named the Nemesis Blade. Its purpose is to smite the unbeliever, the traitor, the betrayer, and the murderer through the dishonorable act of decapitation. The souls are then sent to the eternal hell of Tartarus, forever damned and tortured without pause.

As to the attire of Badhba herself, terranada displayed a Gothic-style dress in the same colors seen here, and a hat with raven wings on the side. To make her look more deathlike, I decided to replace the hat with a black hood which covers her head, as well as adding robes of dark gray with blue lining. To further embody her deathlike appearance, I added fanged skulls all over her Sailor uniform. Finally, the raven wings on her hat that I mentioned before are now fully grown raven wings of dark gray. In the end, a perfect representation of Death: morbid, dark, and without mercy.

Falx Mortalis- Death Scythe. A feared weapon, this scythe has been blessed by the god Hades himself. The weapon has the ability to harvest the souls of those Bahdba is sent to collect, as well as causing bodily damage to those who get in her way. The blade itself is unbreakable.

Nemesis Blade- a sword gifted to her by Nemesis herself, the sword's purpose is to destroy those who have fled justice or have done wrong to others (lying, betraying someone, etc.) Negative energies are imbued within the blade, able to fill the victim's soul with never-ending emotions of guilt and despair after they have been executed. The blade alone is sharp and able to pierce the thickest armor with ease.
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