Doodle - Thanatos is Silly Picture

Lawl, my crappy physical representations of Eros and Thanatos the Freudian drives, which were based off Greek Gods to begin with, so what the hell xD

I suppose Thanatos is supposed to be some kinda Baphomet but he's not, since he lacks a goats head, and looks more like he's a human/longhair cattle hybrid than your common goat. He's like the drive of destruction. He's hot-headed, serious, and is quick to temper, but I suppose he can be a big softie too. He destroys the life that Eros creates.

Eros is some kinda swan/dove human hybrid god-thing. The drive of creation (also love and libido) according to the psychoanalytic theory of drive. Of the pair, she is the nicer more tolerant one, although she does occassionally poke fun at Thanatos because of his seriousness. She creates life. (Although in Greek Mythology Eros is male)

Unlike most gods though, in the world of the idea that I've thrown them into, they appear frequently, and are very human-like. They have limitations, they know their limitations, and are frankly, also confused about where they came from.
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