Melody and Macabre: Comic 6 Picture

When I came up with this idea, I found it just plain adorable. I just wish I could have portrayed it completely as adorable as I imagined it. XP

I'm depressed about the new bench - blah, seats - but I'm actually very happy with the third panel. Melody having to lift herself to get into the bench... something about that just fits with the knowledge that she's just a child.

I also love the perspective in Panel 4. I don't know why it hit me as a stroke of genius to do that. I'm just happy I could pull it off. The tree, not so much. I suck at trees, like I suck at animals.

Mythology notes: Charon is the ferryman on the Underworld's river Acheron or Styx, depending on who you ask. Mors is the Roman name for Thanatos, the Greek god of death (as opposed to Hades, the Greek Lord of the Underworld). I like to see Death as a representation of the PROCESS of death, not the actual state of death, or anything having to do with where you go when you die.

I mostly put in "Macabre" for fun, because it's in the title and because I initially was going to give her name for him as "Mac," to substitute for the complications with pronouncing it. But... I think Morty would be easier on everybody.

I'm not actually sure how to pronounce Mors, to be honest. I assume it's like "Morse" instead of "Mores," mostly because I find it cuter for her to say "Mores" than "Morse." That's pretty much it. XD

Also, you can notice the little bit of color I allowed for this comic. I was actually tempted to do the tree, grass, and/or sky, but where's the dark fun in that? Also, I initially colored the bench yellow, but I found it way too bright, so I went to a dull, saturated purple. It works better like that.
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