The Dark Side Picture

MUAHAHAHAHAHA my Tasked-Angel villains are here! >:3

Since I'm running late for my English academy, here's just the facts... 3 girls. 3 boys. Each has a story behind how they became the messengers of Eris, Ares, Nemesis, Hades, Cer, and Thanatos. I think I'll explain that later in comments or another deviation because I'm busy right now... but um, yeah, they're the guys who're supposed to help Eris take over our world. The world in the present. She's already taken control of the past (the greek mythology ages), and is aiming to control the future. That's when the protagonists of my manga (Dalgi and the others) come in!

Anyway, the weapons they're holding aren't final. I don't like the designs much, I think I'll change them. XD And please don't mind the expression of the 2nd boy (with the glasses), because I totally messed him up. Darn, he looks like he's gay or something. D:
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