C.E.L.U. MEMBER: Erebus Picture

I like his hair due to it's detail. I'm also fond of the semi buzz look, so I definitely wanted his hair to be different from my usual. He's a cute character. ^.^ Stupid and slow at tomes, but cute.


NAME: Erebus
MEANING: God of Darkness
REAL NAME: James Parker
AGE: 23
DOB: February 29
EYE COLOR: Light Green
HAIR COLOR: Dark green (light green buzz underneath)
RACE: Demon Reincarnated Human
ORIGIN: Florida, USA
RELATIVES: Mother, father unknown, younger brother, 3 older sisters
PERSONALITY: Strong and caring, tends to have a tough attitude for public display
LIKES: Selene, street fighting, citrus fruit and seafood, relaxing, and the ocean
DISLIKES: Gangs, people who fight unfair, alligators, and blacking out from his power
ABILITIES: Absorb demon power, eventually becomes a good gunman
TEAM: Cerberus
BIO: A clueless American boy, he joins C.E.L.U. thinking it's a specialized bounty hunter business, unaware that they also hunted demons. He knows little to nothing of Greek mythology, so his teammates and everyone else are constantly educating him on the basics. He instantly falls in love with Selene and though he is a sweetheart, he tends to hit on her a little too much, making him on slightly uneasy terms with Thanatos and Atlas. He is unaware of Selene's past and what happened to their 5th member, but he tries to prove himself worthy as their replacement.

Thanks to roaming the streets of a gang-infested Miami Florida, he's street smart and a street fighter. Though he knows how to hold his own, handling unique guns against demons is a definite turn around for him. For the longest time he is given no name since one was not found suitable enough for him yet. Until his first mission that is.

Fighting against a demon for the first time had him react in the most common way: fear, unable to move or think, animal instincts take over and he fights recklessly. That is, until he saw too much blood surrounding him from their fight. He blacked out and when he came to 2 days later, the team was shocked that he had no memory of the battle. He was told that his demon side had taken over. He was known as a rare human type; DRH (Demon Reincarnated Human).

His family, like himself, were unaware of the fact that he was reborn from an ancient demon; a demon with the ability to absorb demonic power and throw it back at his opponent as well as nullify other demon's abilities. Though it's not much of an offensive power, it had proven incredibly valuable to the team and C.E.L.U.'s purposes, giving him the name Erebus; since he later found out from another demon that he was reincarnated from a Demon Lord with the power of Darkness. Luckily for him, humans who are reincarnated from demons are in complete control of their abilities and not the other way around. He eventually learns to control his power so he doesn't black out every time.
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