Ker Picture

In Greek mythology, the Keres (singular, Ker) were female spirits of death. In some texts, Ker is the goddess of violent death. Was the sister of Destiny (the Fates), the Doom (Moros), Death pious and Sleep (Thanatos and Hypnos), Strife (Eris), Old Age (Geras), Revenge (Nemesis), Charon, and other personifications. Some have also said that the daughter of Erebus and Nyx.


She is wicked and very cruel, he likes to drag human souls into the underworld of cruel ways with his scythe sharpened while mocking them with nasty comments on her way to die, she loves her work and have fun especially when Athens and Sparta fighting and dying hundreds of soldiers, as it is omnipresent can lead thousands of souls at the same time.
She is in love with Hades, and is very envious of her younger sister Eris being the most beautiful and a favorite of his parents, the best friend of Ker is Hecate (the goddess of witchcraft), but Hecate, always criticizing Hades.

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