God's Night Out Picture

From left to right: Dionysus, Venus, and Thanatos. (I've mixed up their Roman and Greek names and I DON'T CARE!) They're watching Jerry Springer and discovered an activity for the whole family... Incest. ^.^

In the RPG 'Mythology Colliseum' I play Venus and Thanatos. My friend Jenna plays Dionysus. I dunno, it's more like a soap opera of the Gods than a quest or something...

Current drama: Thanatos is missing, presumed tortured. He's getting punished for accidently using his FORBIDDEN INSTANTANEOUS DEATH POWER to kill Heimdall's brother. Also, Venus is preggers. *^____^* They're throwing a baby shower for her. Baby showers are BORING.

I just really like this freeze frame of the three Greek dieties right here. They're pretty close, and have known each other the longest in the group.

I drew this a WHILE ago, so... yeah. Mistakes. I KNOW.
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