Kiriban 6,666 - Thanatos Picture

Well, I figured I'd better stick this up here before I forget about it.
Anyway, Thanatos was the only character I hadn't drawn yet for her original fan senshi story. And hey, 666 is evil, so I figured add in one extra six, and you got crazy. Thanatos isn't really evil, persay, but s/he is a kilter.

That bit of writing on the picture is a bit over board, yes, I know. Thanatos, in mythology (and the one me Thanatos is based more on than this one) is the god of benevolent death; basically, the god of dying in your sleep. Hades/Pluto handled everything else. So to say that s/he is death isn't so accurate, but it sort of suited the character.

Then again, I think Thanatos is more the keeper of souls than a death god/dess in the story, but, meh, what do I know? S/he on'y showed up in one chapter thus far.

What I find funny is that when ~callisto-chan drew her design of the character, s/he looked feminine enough that it's decided that s/he's taken on the female side in the story. When I draw Thanatos, s/he looks male.
And the star eye looks weird compared to the rest of the picture because the lines are thinner. Otherwise, you wouldn't have been able to see a star, but rather a mess of lines.
I didn't think I could pull off the character, but, clearly, I proved myself wrong. Very good feeling when one does that.
Hope you enjoy, ~callisto-chan!

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