Demi God: Ely Picture

Ely, son of Thanatos, Primordial god of Death and Mercy, a humble mortal Mortician. Born in modern time, and raised under the care of his father till he was ten. Forced by Zeus and the other Olympians to take his son to live with other Demi-Gods, to be trained and raised for the rest of his life as a servant to Olympus, as the other Demi-Gods do. His face demonized from living in Thanatos' realm for so long, he is given a mask to hide his hideousness.

For years Ely lived with the other demi-gods, watching their pain and suffering. After learning about what else Olympus has done on man kind, he finally has enough, and begins a long road to revolt against Olympus. Finding allies among once "supposed" enemies who too hate the gods, he quietly and slowly builds up his army.

So I watched the last half of "Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lighting thief" (entered at the point they went into that lotus casino) and I liked it, cept a few things.

But really I got inspired not just by Percy Jackson, but also God of War to do this little piece. But its not just me:

Anyone who wants to can create an OC to join in on Ely's revolution! You can create any OC at all, demi-god, relative of some famous greek myth figure, or even just plain ol' human. But you CANNOT have a full god or an already existing figure as your OC. Send me a note with a link to your OC and I'll draw him/her alongside Ely and others whom I already drew into this picture.

Ely (c) Me
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