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A little present for ~AThousandSnakebites

While I was bored one night, and had Wikipedia up (probably to do my Forensics homework, seeing as most of the bloody answers are right there on Wikipedia) I happened to search Thanatos, the Greek demon of death-mostly because I've heard him mentioned before (I think it was in Edith Hamilton's Mythology, in a subsection explaining that Hades was not the God of Death, just the God of the Dead-death was Thanatos's job) and was curious as to whether he was a god, demigod, demon, spirit, what have you.

So I come to find out, he's a demon, the twin brother of Hypnos, the personification of sleep. He's usually portrayed with wings and an inverted torch, to represent a life extinguished (yes, that is a torch, not a flaming broom. I can't draw torches). He's also portrayed with a sword sheathed at his belt.

Now, seeing as ~AThousandSnakebites as a character by the same name as this demon, I decided why not draw Thanatos (who, I will admit, is probably my favorite character) as the demon of death Thanatos?

As for the small butterfly up in the corner-the article also said that Thanatos was sometimes portrayed as a youth catching a butterfly because, apparently, the word for "butterfly" in Ancient Greek was the same as the word for "soul" (but don't quote me on that, itis Wikipedia). Not to mention, it is an illusion to the song "Life Burns!" by Apocalyptica feat. The Rasmus.

Anyways...enjoy! This took...probably, all together, five or six hours, spread over two or three days.

Thanatos Wakahisa (c) ~AThousandSnakebites
Thanatos the demon of death (c) The Ancient Greek People.

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