Elysium - blue backgound Picture

Uploading time! I’ve been chipping away at past due projects, as well as my own personal ones. Here’s the first drawing in the line of requested projects.

I love it when story creators really research the basis for their material; ostensibly, these tales (in this case video games) appear to be yet another title that is usually a basic scenario; it may touch on a few elements of classic literature or mythology to add a bit of depth, but nothing much more than that. However, as you pay a bit more attention you discover that these games are modern retellings and/or contain so many references of ancient texts; TWEWY and Persona 3 are two such games, and I love them to death.

This was to be a simple drawing of Persona 3’s Aigis and Ryoji. However, I started delving deeper into the character names, as well as in-game scenarios, and it fortified my admiration for the game.


Pharos (Ryoji’s younger self) is associated with butterflies. Of course, Ryoji’s true self is Thanatos. Thanatos in ancient Greek mythology is not only the god of death, but is represented as a young man with a butterfly (the ancient Greek word for butterfly can also be read as “soul” or “life”) or an infant cradled in the arms of his mother, Nyx (goddess of night). The Aegis/Aigis was a shield or cape associated with Athena (coincidentally the name of Aigis’ Persona) that served as a protection against death or injury to those who wore/claimed it.

Thanatos’ twin brother was Hypnos, the god of sleep (I was entertaining the possibility that Atlus was implying that Minato was somehow Hypnos, being as he’s usually tired and looks like Ryoji – if that’s the case I’d probably go into a spazz). The red poppies - known for their hypnagogic and narcotic effects due to their opium content - symbolize the poppies found at the entrance of the two brothers’ dwelling in the ancient Greek underworld.

Due to these awesome aspects I added more of a Greek touch with the crumbling blocks.

I couldn’t decide which background I liked more, so I’m uploading both versions. (Grey version here: [link])
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