Thanatos_HackScythe Picture

This is a character I've used for a long time. I created him after reading a random Mythology book at the library. Later that day I ended up at a friend's house and a few more people showed up and we decided to get a new AD&D campaign going (Yes, I'm one of THOSE people). I needed a new character and so I started to make my stat rolls and, for all you people that know what I'm talking about, I rolled three natural 18's and my other rolls were nothing to sneeze at either (I think the lowest was a 14!). Anyway, Thanatos was the product of this new character endeavor. At first he was a samurai, and then I decided to ditch the dual katanas for a more... unique weapon. Seeing as how in Greek Myth, Thanatos was Death personified, why not combine it with another version of Death (The Grim Reaper)? So there he was, a young and healthy version of what we usually see as the mundane scythe-wielding skeletal apparition. The scythe he's holding here ('cause he has many different scythes) didn't have a name so at first it was called "Noname" but a friend suggested "HackScythe" due to the serrated edge on the lower side of the blade. Anyway, I know I'm long-winded but my creations are important to me... so enjoy.
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