Sketch Dump 1 Picture

A) Kaze with no face, cause I sucked at Faces at the moment. Deal.
B) Coilin, the Britian brat with an attitude and many other issues.
C) Sekani - Awwww, look at my pretty pony prince.
D) Thanatos - A character of mine for a group, the Spirit (God) of Death and yes, this is a real god, taken from the Hellanic mythology of the greek gods. I spent a week in a greece, please do not prove me wrong.
E) Etheus - Archdemon of pride and he looks sad... Wonder why.
F) Theos - CUTE BUTT!!!
G) ZoA Kordre - Oh lookie! I can draw Pony.

Sketches from my trip, more to come!

Characters (c) Me
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