Eniko deer of destiny Picture

I am SO insanely proud of this. It took me like 4 hours XD *dies*

Some parts are better than others....I got experiemental with the background and I really don't like the sky that much, but the grass and, most importantly, the shading! make me happy.

Anyway, he's my newest character on Subeta. Meet Eniko, the Bloodred Antlephore. *snuggles him* He works side by side a future planned character, a lady reaper whose details I'm still working out, and I'm totally in love. *chews him*

I was looking at a lot of deer myth today and pieced together his personality. In Indian culture, the deer represents uninhibited sexuality and death--and their connection. In Norse mythology, four deer controlled the fate and direction of the universe. There's another group, I froget who at the moment (it's 4:23, cut me slack) who believe that deer can move freely through time and dimension, and a last group who believes deer meat is sacred because dead people's souls are housed within deer.

Sooooo I mixed that altogether and got Eniko.

He is mute, although sometimes he hums an enchanting song of utter woe and heartbreak; he radiates a certain power and allure that draws people to him, and his eyes glow brightly within the dark as though lighting the way to something. It is impossible not to follow him in the dark wilderness, impossible not to be drawn to him. He wears a black-and-white banded viper about his neck or limbs at all times--Thanatos--and he can rip through the fabric of time and dimension with his antlers, which often drip blood. He works alongside his mistress, a lady reaper, and whenever she kills, Eniko breathes in the soul. This has been his life for milennia--finding those whose time has come, luring them to his mistress, and feeding upon their souls until they become a part of him.

*eats him lovingly*

Eniko (c) ME (steal & die)
Antlephore (c) Subeta.org
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