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Two characters that will be fully introduced at the end of Chapter 6. Thanatos and Minthe. Both of them are mythics- which are the things of mythology. As in, beasts, nymphs, and gods.

Thanatos is the actual god of the dead. Most of the Aka no Chi characters are just named after a god/goddess, but he's the real thing. Therefore, he's a little ego-centric. Dameon and Kokoro enjoy abusing him, especially since he has slightly effeminate features and a very light build. He's rather annoyed by this, since he believes he deserves much more respect then those two give him. He wields a staff and uses ice magic.

Minthe is a nymph, as you can probably tell. In the Aka no Chi universe, nymphs always have ears and tails, and they usually have horns too. She's rather cheerful and air-headed in appearence, but she's really quite bright, since she's had a long time to learn since she's immortal. Despite her look of innocence, she's a rather tough fighter...And dude. She fights dirty. No respect for rules and conduct. Cheater. XD She has healing magic and uses her fists, feet, horns, and intelligence to battle.

Yeah. 100% digital, baby.

Thanatos and Minthe are [c] to
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