Dance with me dear jackal Picture

Will you dance with me, dear jackal?

This started with a curved line and a circle and ened up being Abubis, the Ancient Egyptian god of death, dancing on a Valentine's card... Yes, by brain works in mysterious ways.

In Egyptian mythology Anubis, associated with the jackal (an animal often representative of tombs and death), is the son of Osiris and Seth's wife Nephthys (who just happens to be the sister of Osiris and Seth); Freud would probably have a field day with this since I recently reread chapter 21 in Freud's "Vorlesungen zur Einführung in die Psychoanalyse" from 1917 (to help my sister with an assignment for her Psychology class). The chapter deals with libido development and the sexual organisation - both are the corner stones to Freud's theories, unless one counts his later concept of Thanatos, the death wish, which most people just ignore since it's so obvious he was stoned at the time - much of the chapter describes incesterous relationships which we know was the norm for the Egyptian gods in their mythology as well as the Pharaohs. My subconcious is mergin with my creativity... very distrubing.

The quote is a total bastardisation of a line from the play Cryano de Bergerac where the title character, almost at the end of the first verse of the "improvised" poem "Ballade of the Duel at the Hôtel Burgundy between de Bergerac and a barbarian", says: "I dally awhile with you, dear jackal."
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