2nd AT OC Picture

Name: Kai
Age: 16
Species: Superhuman
Likes: food, games and sacred items
Dislikes: Evil creatures
Powers: Telekinesis, Super strong (the same as the gods), flying and others
Personality: Friendly, Kind, funny, loving and non fearing
Accent: Tagalog (sometimes)
BIO: Kai's parents are been killed by a disease at the age of 1 he is adopted by his grandfather Mythos, at the age of 5 his grandfather learned him martial arts three years later his grandfather died from an unknown killer he felt very sad at him, at the age of 10 he already knew the one who killed his grandfather its Thanatos (in greek mythology the god of death) he will have revenge at Thanatos for killing his grandpa, another 2 years later Kai finally killed Thanatos by the help of his Angry fury, at the age of 16 he still remembers his grandfather he visits his grandpa at the other world.
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