Halloween Is almost Here! Picture

I'm jazzed! Are you jazzed? Halloween, baby! One of my favorite holidays, for sure. I started decorating in September! I've already planned out my pumpkin stencils. This little booger here is pretty excited. Why? He's the personification of the holiday. Or at least, a portion of it.

So, here's the scoop; When I was, like, 14, I started making up these characters who were basically going to be kids that represented different holidays and folklore. I know, I know; Nightmare Before Christmas, The Santa Clause, and Rise of the Guardians beat me to the punch, which is why I tried to make them different from those kinds of characters.

This guy here is Jack O'Lantern (not Jack Skellington. HUGE difference). As you can see, he's a Pumpkin kid. Just like his namesake, he can be a trickster, pulling pranks and scaring people. However, he's also about the fun side of Halloween. More than anything, he wants people to enjoy and appreciate this holiday. He also has an extended family who represent other spooky holidays, including his cousin who personifies the Day of the Dead. Then, there are all his friends who are basically classic monsters, such as vampires, witches, werewolves, and more (now it sounds like Monster High or Hotel Transylvania...), plus, other holidays. I swear, I put my own spin on these characters. I even use really obscure holidays, from all kinds of backgrounds. Some of the characters are also based on various mythologies.

Jack-O is, of coarse, a candy junkie and horror movie fanatic. When he's not being a bit of a spaz, he also keeps alive old October traditions and others that come from many different countries that have celebrations for ghosts, monsters, or the afterlife in a positive way. Death is a natural part of life after all, and just because something is ugly and lurks in the night doesn't mean it is evil. Jack-O has partied with Thanatos, Osirus, the Headless Horseman, Pretas, and any other incarnation of spookiness! I love old stories, and I like to experience different cultures, so when I do anything based on mythology or folklore, I try to be all-inclusive. I also try to keep my facts strait, but I know I'm not perfect, so if I ever say something incorrect, please forgive me! Absolutely no offense meant. My ignorance is not based on animosity or insensitivity, I'm just a dipstick sometimes. Jack-O is primarily based on the American celebration of Halloween, but with strong emphasis on the many roots and customs from other countries.

In regards to the picture... this took me a whole week. I. AM. TIRED.

I realize the background is super crazy, but you know what? So is Halloween! So, I think it fits. It is also HUGE, but that is so I do all sorts of little details. Look at his freckles. Look at them.

Well, I wrote entirely too much about nothing in particular. To sum up; me likey Halloween. This here is a pumpkin kid named Jack-O. I'm a dipstick, and I apologize in advance.

OK, I'll shut up now.
Pleasant Tricks and Treats to you all!
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