halleupak xanatos Picture

outlines done in some generic linux paint program like mspaint.
everything else done in mtpaint.
halleupaks are from and belong to valenth [link] this is just fan art. i did try and keep anatomy in mind while making this too so i'm not sure if it adds realism or if i made it look worse.

answering some of what i do when i'm too ill to do much else, messing around on adoptable sites like valenth is one thing. they really do have a fantastic array of creatures and a continuing story over there worth reading though.

now i relay the story behind this; people that are easily bored may leave at this point. =]

the halleupak i adopted in october last year reached adult form a while ago, and i was so enthralled [it took half a year to age, i'm allowed some excitement] i immediately tried to make a sprite of it in paint, which turned into a doodle, which turned into a detailed outline that remained uncoloured until i eventually discovered mtpaint has opacity settings and good stuff that makes colouring easier.

onto the important things, xanatos/thanatos is the personification of death from greek mythology, but more importantly xanatos is one of if not my favourite character from a cartoon called gargoyles.

this is my halleupak as he appears on valenth;

and here is a picture of xanatos in the cartoon;

before i even found the above picture of xanatos to inflict on anyone who's read this far, simply imagining the character brought the evil-plotting-with-hands pose to mind and so when doodling and trying to think of some pose sufficiently david xanatos-like that my leupak could successfully mimic, he wound up as seen in the deviation above.

as far as i'm concerned both xanatos and halleupaks are awesome so it's a good match and with luck i've managed to convert some of xanatos' personality into leupak form. i know it's not accurate to the valenth adoptable in some ways but i have trouble seeing things that small clearly, and i know the skull pattern looks wrong, it's either the shading style or colours i used or both but as he looks a little like a terminator now i can't say i'm too unhappy with it. =]

oh, and when i got given some dremish gargoyles in a trade recently.. they wound up being named bronx and goliath so xanatos now has something appropriately named to torment. ;]
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