Shotantax's lessers - Keres Picture

The Keres!! :3 See? I do mah research(sometimes <_<;; )!! In Greek mythology, the Keres are the goddesses that represent painful death and suffering and bad shit like that and are Thanatos' sisters. So I gave the same name to Shotantax's lessers! :3

Name: Keres

Race: Lesser Nobody

Height: 4' 2"

Weight: 23 lbs

They are very fast, darting around unpredictably and slashing at their target with the long claws on their hands and feet. The tail-like things hanging down from the back of their heads are also very sharp and are can be grabbed and used as knives against the Keres itself.

HP: **

ATK: ****

DEF: *

RES: **

SPD: *****

Keres and Shotantax (c) Me

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