Scrap Pile 22 Picture

Another huge one, sorry about that. Should be the last one for a while though, at least until the end of term.

Speaking of which, I am currently ignoring my English homework, because it is stupid and I'm falling asleep just thinking about it.

ANYways. Arts'es. To start, more Sonic doodles. Terrible ones, really, but meh (except Rouge. Curves curves curves curves. I don't like Rouge at all, but damn if she isn't the funnest thing to draw). Then Sonic as Humans, then more Sonic (also, I've always though Were-Sonic looked gloriously warm and fuzzy- hey, I live in Canada, and it was winter. It was on my mind- and I would be incredibly disappointed if Amy didn't try to take advantage of that at least once). Then a redux of This: [link] picture, to include Rainbow Dash. Because Yes.

Then some Colours story doodles, and Red looks a lot like her mom. I also feel bad for Red- puberty's pretty difficult even normally, but she'd have it extra tough.

Then Mikayel, Sohi, and the trial designs for a Pre-Sohi Death. I can't seem to decide if his name is Thadeus or Thanatos- though I'm leaning towards Thanatos, just for mythology reasons. I like him though, he's a cool guy. Mikayel raised him, and I think he's still sad that he chose to leave (ie/ Die).

A cruddy picture of Mulan, and we find out Cleo is apparently a huge fan of hers. Who knew. Then Sohi throws a bitchfit over being constantly compared to Thadeus/Thanatos and Mikayel realises that wasn't his best move ever. They both get over it eventually. Mostly. It takes a while though.

Then two doodles of my Dichotomy, and this is where I realise all of these doodles are hopelessly out of order timeline wise and I give up trying to make them be. also a doodle of Twilight and pointing out how the MLP's compare to real horses. Mostly idle speculation- I grew up with horses, but that doesn't mean I've studied their biology or anything.

Also, more Sonic characters, then a bunch of Jon. I ADORE the one with the toque and jacket. He's just adorable. Then Kid!Damien and backstory stuff.

Naked bird!lady, drawn as a companion peice to naked fish!lady from a previous scrap pile. Then Axel B. I.. There's a story, but I don't feel like telling it right now.

More ponies, decided Axel's pony name would be Bright Eyes. Then a physical comparison between Axel A and Axel B- didn't come off as distinct as I'd hoped, but the differences are there. Axel A's a little lighter, a little wirier, whereas Axel B's a little larger, got a longer snout, and rounder eyes.

Not that it matters.

Then more Jon. Then Blue and Lifeline as ponies, as I'd realised I was terribly remiss in not doing that to them as well. Blue makes a really pretty pony by the way. Lifeline is just fun.

Random fairy thing, then some sketches of Perry the platypus (guess what show I've been watching lately?). Then Laguna, who is awesome (I don't think he ever held a gun while president, but I wanted to see what it looked like, because for all he became a politician (accidentally), I don't think that would stop him from still being awesome. FF8 was kind of a dull game, all told, but Laguna made everything worth it)

Then more Jon, Axel B, Filly!Fluttershy and some Bluestreak just to round it all out.

Phew. Yeah, it's a lot, but I didn't feel like separating it out into multiple parts.
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