The White Demoness Picture

"In Greek mythology, Enyo(Name translated to "horror") was an ancient daimon known by the epithet "Waster of Cities" and frequently depicted as being covered in blood and carrying weapons of war."

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I have no idea why, but no matter how many times I tried to color something else, this picture always came up. >.>
I drew this like... A month ago and was just going to leave it a sketch but for some reason I really, -really- wanted to color it. And so, I did. :B

The picture is of Enyo! Another Ztar of mine. : D
A bit about the character...
This Enyo isn't far from that of the Greek goddess herself. Erebus(Leader of the Ztars) was the first star to ever grant his own wish, which was to possess the most deadly weapon alive. And so Enyo was created. She was a "living weapon" just as Erebus requested; a demon who uses holy magic. Her body is capable of taking any shape, specifically that of weapons. Her preferred form is a tiny, non-blinking albino 8 year old child. But she can also take the form of a young lady. Though she rarely takes her adult form, for it made her comrade Winus(A Narcissus) highly jealous and nearly caused Erebus, Thanatos and Xeno to fall in love with her.

She and Agathon have a father-daughter relationship, since he was forced to care for Enyo. Now the two are rather close.
Now a days, Enyo remains at Agathon's side(Who is currently on the side of good and no longer with the Ztars) but she still remains her old self with only a few new changes.

For the picture. I lubbu it. Her dress was supposed to be sparkly at first, but then the whole "space" effect made it spiffier.
Everything is supposed to look bright(Aside her clothes) to give a sense of purity even though Enyo is the farthest thing from it. I thought it was silly so I kept it. xD
And yes, she isn't pale-white in adult form like her child.

It's so shiny. @[email protected]

Ph33r Enyo... 4Srsly. She can kill you. o_o

Enjoy! : D

Enyo copyright to: Me
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