Thannie and Hypnos sketch Picture

This is Thanatos (the one on top with the collar) and his twin brother, Hypnos. Hypnos is the sleepy-looking one. I keep calling him Nyx but that's Night, their mother...

Yes, this is all taken straight from Greek mythology. I make up none of these names.

Anywho, they're all twinnish and it's symbolic, because one's Sleep and the other's Death. They're also both technically on the dark side. Hypnos embraces it more than Thanatos, which is funny because Hypnos' idea of a good time is sleeping in past noon while Thannie's involves people dying left to right. But Hypnos acts more evil. Or something. It's just weird to think of him as the EVIL twin, but... I dunno. Hypnos could also be the God of Dangerous Addictions, as he induces sleep with the purest opium smoked through a horn. Hehehe.

Anywho, I need to work on a few things. I notice HELLA stuff that's wrong, but if people could redline this anyway I'd appreciate it. Or just write stuff down if you don't love me enough to redline it. ;_______;

And NO this isn't twincest. I think. Well, I was in a Thannie drawing phase and was like "What's hotter than ONE angsty emo kid? TWO!" And then I remembered Thanatos had a twin in Greek mythology! YAY JOYGASM! Foooor serious.
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