Tales of the World Characters Picture

These are some of the characters from the Tales of the World Series, which are part of a project I'm doing, to draw all of the characters from the Tales of Series to make a big poster out of them.

These aren't all of the characters I'm doing for Tales of the World, but I thought I should put up what I've done so far. Along the top are Guede (who looks cool, but what's up with his arm?!?!), Widdershin's weird ring thing (I'll draw Widdershin later lol) and Schwartz (Wrong game I know: I'll add her to another Legendia page later too) Along the bottom are Kanono, Dio, Kyaro, Frio and Mel (I think these names are right) and that's meant to be me at the front lol! And then there's Mormo and various other weird characters from Tales of the World in the corners.

EDIT: Added Widdershin, the Kanono from Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2, and Fulein from Summoners Lineage (I just did him for completeness! lol)

EDIT 2: I rearranged the characters and added Thanatos and Miktran. Miktran's just here cause he wouldn't fit neatly on the Tales of Destiny page.
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