Minions of the World serpent Picture

When the World Serpent tried to unseal his eldest brother in Magnolia, he brought some of his followers to block the pass of his enemies to buy some time. (Note: The Guirnaldian Jormundandr has nothing to do with the real Jormungandr from Norse mythology.)

From the left to right and up to down.

-Candori: The lizard demon, he makes contracts in exchange for souls.

-Damian: A catman mantincore trainer, he is kind of crazy.

-Bersk: A minor deity with little brains and a lot of strength, fungus grow from his body and make him more and more crazy.

-Shinzo Buraindo: One of the last surviving Youkos, trained as a Kunoichi, her blindness is compensated by an awesome sense of hearing.

-Hypnos and Thanathos: Twin brothers sharing the same body, they have a lot of coordination to fight togheter (Note: Nothing to do with the real Hypnos and Thanatos).

-Ho Chi: An old birdman with three eyes. He projects his soul as a powerful avatar to do all his fighting.

-Mustafa: A burglar and assasin, turned into a Bishop fish, now he has a lot of strength and some psychic abilities.

Well, that is about all of them, the only missing one is Garm, but he is just a giant dog. They all appear almost at the same time in the near end of the story of Ulises the sniper.
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