Bottled Dreams Picture

an entrie for :iconzimetha08: 's anthro contest
.. or at least that's how it begun, as it progressed it became a lot more than just some random anthro work, it progressed to a very meaningfull, symbolic piece. it can have an wfull lot of interpretations, just go ahead and develop your onw, the whole explanation for it would be WAAAAAY too long to put it here, so I'll just put a few details, WARNING! THIS MAY BE LONG!
first of all, this guy here, his species, he is a "Baku"
Bakus are less-known japanese mythological creatures, they resemble hairy tapirs and feed on dreams. they were the inspiration behind the Pokemon Drowzee.
this character here has no "name" "age" or "identity" those are human concepts, he recides in the "world of ideas".
whenever you wake up and can't remember what you dreamed about this guy is to blame. I won't go into much detail behind Baku-San's appearance, it all has a reason but I'll let you break your head to try and interprete it
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