Devourer Revamped Picture

Here’s the line work for part of an independent project I will be working on this term for my Painting II class. Again, it’s Thanatos, but the scene will include much more than just him by the time it’s finished. I believe I’ll be working on this painting digitally, as I have permission from my instructor to do so, although as of right now I’m not sure of whether to do the ‘comic style’ or ‘realism style’ version of the piece first. I suppose I’ll ask which would be most acceptable, considering it’s for a painting class. (I’m betting realism will win out)

I suppose it could be considered a revamp of an older sketch I did, entitled ‘Devourer’, which can be seen here: [link] (Yay for massive improvements!)

I’ve focused a lot more on developing my inking skills and attempting to define my character’s form in spite of the fact that I’m not rendering it in pencil, which is my comfort zone. There’s a lot of sketchiness to it, and the ground was just thrown in as a last-minute after thought. (He’s a badass mythical creature, why does he need ground? Should he not be able to simply float on the paper?!) But this is only a first draft which was done on 8.5 x 11 paper… So I don't care too much. The final product will be much larger, and much more carefully done.

Fun stuff…

This representation of Thanatos, and Thesicarian Souleaters, are © T. N. Barner, all rights reserved. Please do not copy, modify, or redistribute this image without my permission.
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