Something not Right about You Picture

Thanatos glared down from his perch on the box. Something wasn't right about the boy, the human was just a guise, there was something much more wild underneath. There was the scent of forgotten places on him, the memory of so many other forms. He was one of the Fae Folk, he had to be.


Kishlee looked up at the tall figure looming in front of him. He was all wrong. He couldn't fool Kish, he had it all wrong. So tall, and imposing, and creepy. Most humans weren't that creepy. And then there were the eyes, blackness seemed to swirl in their very depths. Kishlee smiled widely, every one should show a certain amount of respect towards Death after all.

(A 21st birthday present for my favorite dork, Akherontis)
Artist Request: Please click on it and look at the big version, I really feel that a lot of things get lost in the small version. Danke.
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