Tanatos Picture

Press 'download' to see a bigger version : D (DOOO IIIIT! I love the combination of the raspy pencil and the coloting but I dont like to post closeups D: )

In Greek mythology, Thánatos (in Greek, Θάνατος – "Death") was the daemon personification of Death. He was a minor figure in Greek mythology, often referred to but rarely appearing in person. His name is transliterated in Latin as Thanatus, but his Roman equivalent is Mors or Letus/Letum, and he is sometimes identified erroneously with Orcus (Orcus himself had a Greek equivalent in the form of Horkos, God of the Oath).

So yeaaaaah! New announced 9GOATS BLACK OUT album called "TANATOS"(yes, without the h XD) on the... 23th of March? Something like that *laugh*

Can't wait! I've been sitting here waiting for something new long enough! D: <!

Sooooooooo... after that description and having the entire discography *coughonlylike25songscough* playing in my winamp this beauty slowly started to take form : D
It loks better IRL but my scanner likes to fuck up my pencil drawings >:

And I got this new program Paint Tool SAI whcih is... gorgeous *__* I love it <3 Though it still misses a LOT. But for those missing parts, I have Photoshop ♥

Time Taken:
- I really don't have a clue

Materials Used:
- Mechanical pencil (jesus christ, that's a real pain in the ass)
- Photoshop CS2
- Painter Tool SAI

Tanatos-person + art© me 8D

CHECK EM OUT! : D [link]

Btw for the European fans and for those who don't know yet. They have been licensed for a while with CLJ Records which means this will be a European release aswell. We might need to wait a bit but I'm asking you to do so. I know it's fancier to have the Japanese version of the album but how higher the european sales are ofc ourse, they might get the picture of how many fans they have in Europe. And maybe next time they actually do come to Europe (with a coupling band or not) instead of failing to get through the nagotiationtalks with labels.

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