The Three Sisters Picture

I originally sketched this out on scrap paper when I finished the chem regents early....

aNYWAY. To be bluntly honest, we needed some new characters to rp with, so we plucked these two oldish minor ones of mine and changed their characters a little bit. Amechania, the goddess of helplessless, and Sophrosyne "Sophie" the goddess of self-control (her powers don't work on gods, thus the raging epidemic of rape and nymphomania that courses through Greek mythology) are a happy couple. Hesychia's chilling over there by herself, because these three are closely linked and I haven't drawn her before. She's the goddess of silence, and unable to speak.

Amechania and Sophie are sisters (Greek myth=incest is okay; at least no one's having horse sex NORSE MYTHOLOGY I'M LOOKING AT YOU), Hesychia is their niece. Before Thanatos started torturing Maci, he tormented and successfully destroyed and broke these three women one by one, starting with Hesychia, who was just a teenager, as was he. (I don't remember what age exactly oops- I think 16/17?)

Nowadays, while Thanatos is sulking in Tartarus, these three have been repaired and healed, their memories of what happened to them erased and their mental wounds healed, and Amechania and Sophie are happily dating and out of Thanatos's clutches.
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