Ta'gyl Picture

Another Thanatos pic, as a baby this time. Of all the characters to embarrass with baby pictures, its got to be the big, bad souleater, doesn’t it? Ah well… ((Cuteness to the point of being edible, in my opinion, although I am a bit biased…))

Anyhow, to explain the title of this piece, a ta’gyl is a baby souleater. ((That’s pronounced the same as the word ‘toggle’)) Dogs have puppies, cats have kittens, and souleaters have ta’gyls. Why a play on the word 'toggle'? It’s an inside joke between my brother and myself. And no, I wont explain it.

I’ll probably color this one later as well…

Time taken from sketch to inks: ~25 min

Thesicarian Souleaters are © T. N. Barner, all rights reserved. Please do not copy, modify, or redistribute this image without my permission.
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