Lucifuge (AKA Thanatos) Picture

Concept art for the game "Thousand Star Kingdom" my friend and I are making. You can follow us on Twitter here:

Psycho Games Twitter:

This is an older design I did for the boss Thanatos, which was a working title. I liked the name Thanatos, but it is a largely associative name as with being a death god from myth the name is given to many characters. In general games like to use mythological names to associate with monsters, demons, et cetera. A lot of them are just the monster in name as well, especially in Final Fantasy. However, it's a good tactic because people remember these names and then remember your character. Though a good handful incorporate the legends into their characters as well, such as the games God of War or Shin Megami Tensei. You may notice with my future and current works I am a HUGE fan of Shin Megami Tensei.

Lucifuge, is a name given to one of the demons mentioned in the Grand Grimoire, and was put in charge of running the government in Hell by Lucifer. The two have similar names but mean completely different things, as Lucifuge means "He who flees from the light". The name will make more sense when the game is released, and I don't want to ruin too much but you fight him in a completely pitch black room. It a boss battle Psycho and I are really looking forward to rendering.
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