Thanatos+Hypnos Picture

or rather: a deadly beauty and her unsleeping guardian.

Thanatos used to feel safe when her brother was close because she knew you could sleep tight with such a faithful guardian as Hypnos was. On the other hand Hypnos was always looking after her because she was so sweet that he -just like everyone else- would have died for Thanatos.

Ok, just too much thinking at school, nothing more.
I don't mean those represent any way the real Hypnos and Thanatos, of course. I just took their names and gave them a different view, funny thing! and suddenly they were there in my mind: he, grave, she, huge eyed, smiling, both very young, both very guiltless. that's it.
the death and her brother, the sleep.

In Greek mythology, the twin sons of the goddess Nyx ("night") were called Hypnos and Thanatos.
Hypnos was the personification of sleep; Thanatos was the personification of death and mortality.
"And there the children of dark Night have their dwellings, Sleep and Death, awful gods. The glowing Sun never looks upon them with his beams, neither as he goes up into heaven, nor as he comes down from heaven. And the former of them roams peacefully over the earth and the sea's broad back and is kindly to men; but the other has a heart of iron, and his spirit within him is pitiless as bronze: whomsoever of men he has once seized he holds fast: and he is hateful even to the deathless gods." (Hesiod, Theogony 758 ff, trans. Evelyn-White, Greek epic C8th or C7th B.C.)

(sorry for the bad scan (hope i'll get a better one) and thanks to ~GreenRevan19 and ~ViciousLinda for support and help while drawing at school.)
ink (Pelikan-black+Winsor&Newton-black and white), brushes #1, 2, 12
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