The Arms of Dreams Picture

The young demigod made no move to look at the god as she stared at her boots that touched no ground. Instead, she stared down, down, down a deep darkness, glinting with stars.
"Why do you reject me?" Asked the god, his grip firm on the girl's arms.
"There is no dream you can offer me that shall make me love you." The girl replied.
The god laughed. "Silly child. Too young to understand. In the world of dreams, anything is possible, and nothing can hurt you. I will make sure no nightmare crawls into your mind, nor any other god putting hurtful images into your thoughts."
Tempting words, but they meant nothing. "I shall never fall for you, Morpheus."
"Oh, but my sweet Anastasia, who's arms are better to fall into than that of dreams?"



Newly uploaded pic with coloring thanks to the oh-so lovely
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