OC Hypnos-The God of Dreams Picture

Uhm.. @[email protected] I feel kinda dead those days. Sorry everyone I'm offline so often. My school life became even worse- now I have my own class of teh 16 little evil pupils and I have to do a lot of work because of that XwX.I come back school extremely exhausted, plus my driving course already started *tries to shoot herself before she dies from overworking*
Sorry I don't reply to the notes- I will try as soon as I have some time :____:
The picture was made some time ago but I wasn't sure it's worth showing. But for now I feel I have to upload something before my gallery dies and everyone forgets about such baka person like me *gets emo *
It's my male character *yay not shojo this time * and his name is Hypnos. I once drew him and I even got teh first fanart gift of him ^__^. Thank you Razuri once again for that sweet pic *hugs Razuri*
There is also twin pic of it with his twin brother Thanatos but I screwed him @[email protected]

Miss ya guys. Hope I will have more free time someday ;__;

Media: pro-markers, Crayola crayons, edited with Photoshop CS
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