Asleep or dead...? Picture

Another drawing xD Yay~!
They are Hypnos and Thanatos, two greek gods. Hypnos is the personification of sleep, and Thanatos is the death; they are twins.
I wanted to draw them for months, but couldn't manage to...but a couple of days ago, suddenly, I had the right inspiration! *_* Well, the drawing could have been better, but I'm not so disappointed...I used another time cold colors, I don't know why but lately I TOTALLY LOVE cold colors! And in the end I succeeded in drawing them <3 And maybe I'll draw them again, who knows...I find these two rather cute xD

Oh, and, btw...this SHOULD NOT be yaoi...but think what you want u_u;; *whistles*
If you want to know something about Hypnos and Thanatatos...wikipedia is here for you xD [link] [link]

Dico solo questo: era taaaanto teeempo che non facevo pantaloni lucidosi neri a china xD

Art by me
Tria markers, pencils, black indian ink and white acrylic
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