A Lovely Chat Picture

Hypnos: *going on about how wonderful his life is, and how his kids and wife are and how stupendous his sex life is*

Thanatos: ... Hey, Hypnos?

Hypnos: Hm? Yeah, bro?

Thanatos: Look around you.

Hypnos: *looks around* What... What am I looking for?

Thanatos: All the glorious flying fucks I give. Do you see any? Fancy that; neither do I.

Hypnos: ... Ass.


This is an old sketch I finally got aroud the finishing up which I why it looks so disproportionate. *glares at Hypnos's arms and Thanatos's hands*

This took way to long to finish because I got sidetracked with a million other little pictures, and now that school's started... Mmm, I won't be as fast with pictures coming out as I used to.


Thanatos (c):
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